Liver Detoxification

A friend and mentor of mine, Dr. Alan Pressman, once said that if God were creating us today, he would give us three livers instead of just one. We have so much daily junk to detoxify. Every hormone, every toxin needs to be filtered by the liver. Parasites; yeast; drugs, everything passes through this organ. Mankind has managed to change the chemistry of the environment in which we live.

In 2000 alone, more than 4,000,000 pounds of chemicals were released into the ground. A total of over 6,000,000 pounds of chemical pollutants were released into the environment we eat, breathe and live in. All in just one year. The liver is your body’s largest internal organ. It produces energy, regulates hormone levels, and stores vitamins and minerals. It is also the body’s primary pathway for removing metabolic wastes and poisons. If your liver isn’t functioning efficiently, toxins can build up. This problem of toxicity can pose as a threat to your health. The symptoms of liver congestion are clear and should never be ignored.

Signs and Symptoms of Toxicity

Headaches, Backaches, Nervousness, Joint Pains, Itchy nose, Sleepiness, Cough, Frequent colds, Insomnia, Wheezing, Irritated eyes, Dizziness, Sore throat, Immune weakness, Mood changes, Tight or stiff neck, Environmental sensitivity, Anxiety, Angina pectoris, Sinus congestion, Depression, Circulatory defects, Fever, Skin rashes, High blood fats, Runny nose, Constipation.

Of course, not all these problems are problems of liver congestion only. Most diseases have a majority of factors that deal with abusing a nutritional need. Detoxification therapy is a process of cleaning toxins from the body or neutralizing them. Detoxification involves dietary, and lifestyle changes that reduce intake of toxic substances, like chemicals, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco as well as improving the elimination of these toxins.

I like to think of "Liver Detoxification" in the spring and fall months. In the spring, there is a natural energy in the earth to want to clean-up after winter — especially here in the Northeast. The term "spring cleaning" is a familiar concept. We can take that thinking and extend it to our internal cleansing program.

There are products that I use in clinical practice that support the liver in its many metabolic functions:

1. Detox Kit ( Heel ): in treating deeper levels of intoxification, it is important to first restore the autoregulatory system. This is the first line of defense against the toxin and by restoring it, we can facilitate the excretion of the offending substance.

2. Milk Thistle: an herb that is considered very hepatoprotective

3. N-Acetyl Cysteine; Glutathione: substance rich is sulfhydryl group that is used to metabolize troxins

4. Antioxidant Substances: alpha lipoic acid, Viamin C, Vitamin E

Ways to Detoxify

  1. Nutrients — that help support the liver’s detoxification pathways
  2. Avoidance diet — eliminate toxins like drugs, sugar, fried foods, meats, dairy etc.
  3. Increase levels of fruits, vegetables (all organic)
  4. Drink plenty of filtered water
  5. High powered colonics by a professional
  6. Skin brushing with natural bristle brush
  7. Start the morning with a cocktail of psyllium seeds and nonsweetened juice (i.e. cranberry)

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