ProEPA Soft Gels


Size: 60



Nordic Naturals ProEPA offers one of the highest concentrations of EPA from fish. It is distilled for purity and concentration. The root–cause of serious diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer”s disease, cancer, arthritis, and asthma has been identified as chronic inflammation. This formula provides excellent support for your body to make the crucial anti–inflammatory substance known as series 3 Prostaglandins.

EPA is part of the Essential fatty acids, known as Omega III. These are fats that have to be consumed in our diets. They are essential to our health, and regulate body functions including blood pressure, brain and nervous system functions.


  • Purified deep sea fish oil
  • Soft gel capsule (gelatin, water, glycerin, natural lemon oil)
  • Natural lemon oil
  • D-alpha tocopherol
  • Rosemary extract


Do not use fish oil if you are allergic to iodine, are using blood thinners or anticipate surgery. Consult with your physician before taking fish oils if you are pregnant or diabetic. Keep out of the reach of children.

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