Managing Menopause Naturally (film)


Length: 80 mins


It’s a change that every woman must go through during midlife, and this educational and vital program, Managing Menopause Naturally, comprehensively details all aspects of menopause to help women with the transition. While the experience is different for each female, various options are covered from established medical treatments to holistic alternatives and hormone replacement therapy. Also included is a rundown of the common symptoms, including psychological ones, during every stage of menopause. Features Dr. Medina as well as many other prominent practitioners.

80 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.
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“…every woman over 20 could benefit from viewing this” – Independent Films

“Of all the programs and books I have seen, this is one of the most comprehensive educational tools available to women who want to understand more about menopause.” – Flourish Over 50

“…this film provides comprehensive and proactive strategies to tackling the challenges and opportunities that await women as they enter the period referred to as “the change”" – Menopause Remedies (includes trailer)

“”Managing Menopause Naturally” is a comprehensive, feature-length program with a proactive, alternative take on the midlife years of women” – DVD Blu ray reviews

“A new documentary from True Mind can help you make sense of menopause and prepare for the road ahead” – Wellsphere

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